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TEC-IB AgriTech is a Netherlands based privately hold  High-Tech company
The TEC-IB team is passionate about utilizing >40 years knowledge  and experience in remote sensing (big) data processing, GIS, analysis and application development to the agriculture sector for crop specific holistic solutions and services.

TEC-IB holistic crop solutions and services utilizes remote sensing sensor data from satellites, small airplanes, drones and smart in-field sensor systems using latest IT, Web, Data processing technologies and unique analysis and crop models.

   Turning data into profit by the provision of actionable information for improvement of pest management (IPM)
by efficient application of effective agriculture input products.

TEC-IB all-in-one mobile application service provides near real-time farm management information, mapping, classification, scout observations registration, crop health, soil and local meteorological information.

Crop Solutions & Services

Date sector challenges

– Environmental aspects
– Date palms are the largest water consumers
(+/-100.000 liter water per tree per year !!)
– Inefficient irrigation techniques (e.g. flood irrigation!)
– Reduced quality of the ground water (increased soil salinity
and loss of fertility)

– Most important issue in date production are RPW plagues
– Red Palm Weevil (RPW) is by far the main threat
(also for the global date sector!)
– The larvae eats the soft tissue of the palm trunk and makes irreversibly
damage to the date palmtree >3% towards average of 10% of palms in
the Middle East region are infested with annual rate of 1.9
– RPW has spread to Africa and Europe!

DateGIS, the solution for the date palm farming sector

DateGIS translates,
big data acquired by satellites, small airplanes/drones and in-situ systems equipped with high-tech sensors into
geo-information e-services for the date sector. DateGIS clients – government organizations and commercial date farm organizations – have near realtime through the DateGIS web-portal and DateGIS mobile application service.

AvoGIS, the solution for the avocado farming sector

With the use of AvoGIS you can monitor all relevant climatic conditions and soil parameters, and take your avocado work management to another level.
The AvoGIS mobile application for your smartphone allows you to monitor and use forecasted weather data to help you optimize your production and produce more avocado with less resources.

With AvoGIS you will be prepared for forecasted frost periods, by setting an alarm to notify you, when frost conditions are approaching as temperatures
below – 1 °C can be deadly for your avocado trees. Optimize your fertilization time taking into account the specific avocado phenology for your region.

With remote soil sensors and AvoGIS  analysis the right amounts of nutrients can be applied. AvoGIS comprises smart soil moisture sensors to know when your crop is suffering from water stress and allows you to remotely control irrigation.

Mobile app. service

Weather monitoring

Monitor local weather information such as precipitation, air temperature, receive timely notifications and more

Weather Forecasting

Localized tailored weather forecast information based on open data and more

Crop Health Management

Remote crop health monitoring, modelling (signatures), smart in-field insect monitoring, frost warning, field scouting observations registration and more

Water Management

Remote and local water management by closely monitoring the status of your crop evapotranspirations, crop soil moisture conditions and more

Insect Monitoring

Smart monitoring of unwanted insects on your field with smart traps, automated counting and registration, alerts and more

Logistics / (Labor) Resource Management

Monitor storage, plan farm logistics and manage field labor performances and more



17 May 2017

10 May 2017
GFIA Europe’s deep look into open data in agriculture

28 March 2017
Koppert Biological Systems forges partnership with TEC-IB to control RPW plague

17 March 2017
Koppert and TEC-IB introduce sustainable solution for date palm pest at the GFIA2017 Abu Dhabi

20 Feb 2017

Please visit us at one of the following exhibitions/seminars


20-21 June 2018
The Netherlands: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) Europe 2018, Utrecht

5-6th February 2018
UAE: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) 2016, Abu Dhabi UAE


9-10 Mei 2017
The Netherlands: Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) Europe 2017, Utrecht

20-21st March 2017
Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) 2017, Abu Dhabi UAE


2-5 October 2016
Saudi Arabia: Saudi Agriculture Exhibition Riyadh

16-17th February 2016
Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) 2016, Abu Dhabi UAE


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